• DHA is one of the most important nootropics for your body
  • DHA is essential for your brain (cell repair and regeneration)
  • DHA has an effect on your neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors
  • DHA reduces brain inflammation leading to diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson
  • DHA improves memory and reaction time but also reduces stress
  • Deficiency in DHA have been shown  leading to problems with focus and attention 


Are you taking supplements to increase your performance or speed up recovery? Clever!

What if I tell you, that one of the supplements not only will increase your performance and speed up your performance but also help you to become even more intelligent? Likewise your car needs gas to drive, our brain needs DHA to perform.

Here´s why fish oil is the key to improvements in concentration and reaction time and will furthermore protect your brain to stay sharp-minded for a very long time!

Speaking about Omega 3, there are 3 main types:

  • ALA, who you will find in flax seeds and walnuts
  • EPA and DHA, which you will in high concentrations only in fish oil

As you know EPA has some great benefits for ambitious sporty people, it enhances performance and endurance, allows your body to release energy faster and helps to protect your heart, muscles and bones.

Science has shown now that DHA (the other great Omega 3 fatty acid), plays a so far underestimated big role when it comes to everything which has to do with our brain and its function.


Did you know that 15-20% of brain is already DHA? Here is why you should make sure, that your fish oil supplementation is sufficient!


  • DHA is essential for maintaining brain health
  • DHA is great for memory
  • DHA reduces brain inflammation
  • DHA stimulates new nerve cell growth
  • DHA assists in brain cell repair


Most importly: ur body is not able to produce DHA on its own, therefore the best source how to get a high dose is fish oil! Our brain is made of 60% fat and 15-20% of our cerebral cortex is DHA, which is THE essential nutrient for it.

DHA boosts cognition, memory, learning and reaction time and switches on something called BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), which is the brain growth factor!

Because of that, the mighty fatty acid helps your brain to build new neural pathways (neuroplasticity) and works as an anti-inflammatory by reducing COX-2 which is very important because inflammatory is the key factor in every neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer or Parkinson.

Furthermore, deficiencies in DHA have been shown to lead to lower levels of neurotransmitters which could cause to problems with attention and learning.


Above all – isn´t it great that nature provides such a great product like fish oil which helps us in so many different ways? Give it a try – you won´t regret and benefit a lot!

















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