Vitamin D3 to reinforce your immune system

Common flu and cold are typical signs of your immune system being under attacked but external virus. Winter season, with drastic changes in temperatures puts on guard your body defenses, with lower or weak body defenses you are more prone to be attacked by a virus and feel sick for a few days.

We all hate that feeling, specially when is during the weekend or stopping us to train when we really want to. High levels of Vitamin D3 are a perfect shield for external virus. Propping up your immune system to its best shape and stay way of any sick days!

How to reinforce your immune system

At GoPrimal we believe that the best remedy is prevention and avoiding any kind of antiflu medicine that will just put a patch to the real problem.

How to prevent yourself from virus? having a healthy lifestyle and supplementing with one of the most important vitamins(in reality is a prohormone) lacking in our modern lifestyle, yes, you got it: Vitamin D3.

Our current lifestyle has created micronutrient deficiencies, that unfortunately cant be covered by just food, we need some extra support to be able to reach our full potential as human being.

GoPrimal goal is to help you live longer and stronger: DIE YOUNG, as late as possible, by using the best ingredients and supplements to support your health and help you to prevent from illness, injuries and non wanting “life hiccups” .

Where to get D3?

Our skin can synthesize vitamin D3 from sun rays – which sounds in itself simple, but isn´t:

  • Sunrays have to hit earth at a specific angle, which occurs only between June and September, and only between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. only then they are strong enough
  • You´re not allowed to use any sunscreen, since this would inhibit vitamin D3 synthesis
  • At least arms and legs must be fully exposed to sunlight

Simply put – if you don´t have a job, where you work outside and skip the use of sunscreen (and risk serious sun-caused damages), you have almost no chance to get enough vitamin D3 through sunlight. Additionally, from October to end of April, sun rays are not strong enough in Central Europe to start D3 synthesis in our skin.

What to do?     

Help your body with the highest quality of Vitamin D3 plus coconut oil that improves absorption. GoPrimal’s D3 has 2500IU, one of the most powerful dose you can find in the market that will strengthen your immune system since the first dose.

All of our ambassadors, from doctors to pro athletes are experimenting the benefits of our Vitamin D3, recovery earlier from injuries and preventing themselves from getting sick.

“It’s such a simple step to make to be sure you are in your best shape, weather I go to work or to the gym, I want to be at my 100%” : Sarah Massoni, second fittest in Belgium 2019 and 2020.


Try it now: GoPrimal Strength and Immunity Vitamin D3

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We produce products that address the micronutrient deficiencies of modern life.
Our focus is to improve the longevity of all our athletes, from amateurs and scaled athletes, to professionals – for us, everyone who puts in the hard work at the gym is an athlete, no matter if you just started training or participate at competitions. Trust the process, take no shortcuts but time to recover and you will reach your goals. DIE YOUNG as late as possible.


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