About Us

Our mission is simple…

…to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products, with bioavailable ingredients and backed by science formulas. Combining earth-grown nutrients, and formulas-tested with top athletes and medical professionals, we are aiming to help people achieve a new level of well-being : UnLock Your Full Potential.

    Our Team

    GoPrimal is the story of a bunch of young people from all over Europe, dedicated to fitness, well-being and a healthy lifestyle. We share your passion for increasing performance and high quality ingredients. At one point we realized, that there was no company out there that could deliver the high quality we expect from products and ingredients and that also shared the passion for our lifestyle. In 2016, we therefore decided to start our own company with one goal in mind “A busy schedule shouldn’t compromise a healthy lifestyle”. Our products contain no additives and not a single thing that doesn’t help you to perform or feel better. We deliver only products in highest quality, without compromise..

    adrian GoPrimal


    Founder of GoPrimal with one clear goal: “Make the industry of supplements great again. Food and supplement industry needs a revolution, and we are here to make it happen by providing the best supplements money can buy. Full Stop!”


    Founder of GoPrimal and owner of one of the healthiest Juice Bars in Austria. “Health and well being is my passion.”

    Sebastian Rieder

    I found CrossFit in 2006 and was immediately hooked. 2009 I opened CrossFit Vienna and started teaching Seminars for CrossFit HQ. 2013 I got into Z-Health and Neuro-Athletic-Training and started understanding the role of the brain in producing better movement.
    I got involved in Go Primal because I believe that high quality Supplements can help you to recover quicker and perform better.


    Founder of GoPrimal: “After entering the world of lifescience as veterinarian, I found myself working part time in supplement industry. After some years of gaining experience and knowledge we have founded GoPrimal to shake up the dusted supplement industry by delivering only science-proven products in best available quality who will improve your performance and over-all health without compromise”


    Founder of GoPrimal, for many years working in the healhty food industry all around the world, bridging the gap between healthy snacks and convenience.


    Sergeant at arms of GoPrimal: “My passion is sport and health. Taking care of all our lovely customers in Benelux”