GoPrimal Reusable Microfiber Mask

16,59 12,50 VAT Included

Reusable mask with exchangeable filters. Adults and kids.

Mask incorporates an inner cover with filters. You can wash and disinfect  the mask and it wont fade.

Filter: Our masks have a space to incorporate charcoal or cellulose  paper filters. We send it to you with a paper filter that you will have to remove when disinfecting your microfiber mask.

Materials and composition: 100% microfiber. Do not fade with washes, even when disinfecting the protection mask.
Composition: 100% microfiber.
Washing and disinfection: Do it every time you use it. Once the filters are removed, you can disinfect it in the washing machine at 60 degrees, or with a mixture of water and bleach in the amounts recommended by the health authorities.

Reusable hygienic masks, with the advantage that, unlike others that only last 3-4 hours and then have to be discarded, ours can be washed and disinfected, lasting much longer.
For Kids and Adults.
Disinfect before use: The masks are made in an european facility under a  strict cleaning manufacturing process, and they will be delivered sealed, but for more security, we recommend disinfecting them before the first use.

Adjustment method: Our masks have an innovative adjustment system, consisting of a rubber that goes to the back of the head, and a microfiber tape with an adapter cylinder, which is placed on the back of the neck, better adjusting the mask and preventing it from moving.