Recovery Pack

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100% Hydro Whey Protein, Magnesium – Zinc – Vitamin B6 & Superior Omega 3

The ultimate pack for recovery. Not only shortens the recovery time but also helps building muscle and joint tissue faster & improves performance. At night get a full deep sleep, relaxing your cognitive system, boosting the muscular metabolism & tissue regeneration.

Product description

  • Training and intervalic workouts result in micro- lesions appearing throughout our muscles, which can lead to inflammations, a delayed recovery and cause muscular and joint pains.
  • Consuming our recovery pack on a daily basis, will speed up the time muscles and soft tissue need to recover. Improving your next day training..

100% Grass Fed Hydro Whey

Product description

  • Tastes: Creamy chocolate and pure vanilla.
  • 25.5 gr. hydrolyzed protein purified and cold pressed superior formula: lean muscle & nutrient replenishment.
  • 6.9gr BCAA 3.4gr leucine – build lean muscle.
  • GoPrimal 100% Hydrolyzed Grass Fed Whey is one of the most effective proteins available, to support your muscle growth and protection in the right way. By using only hydrolyzed whey, the fastest absorption whey , digestion and absorption is guaranteed..

Magnesium-Zinc & B6

Product description

  • When working out we sweat and we loose essential minerals like magnesium and zinc, which can lead to a mineral and vitamin deficiency.
  • Last longer & improve your endurance. A slowdown of the accumulation of lactate in the muscles, which helps prevents stiffness.
  • Prevention of muscle cramps during workouts.
  • Alleviation of feelings of weakness, fatigue, stress or sleep disorders.
  • 300 mg Magnesium Taurinate-Bisglycinate 16mg Zinc Picolinate Vitamin B6..
  • 90 capsules – 45 days’ supply.

Superior Omega 3

Product description

  • The omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil stimulate our mental performance and help prevent heart diseases.
  • 800/600 EPA/DHA in natural triglyceride formulation: concentration more than 80%.
  • 100% wild Alaskan pollock from sustainable sources that means no heavy metals and very low oxidation levels.
  • Msc certified – market lowest levels of oxidation and heavy metals.
  • 90 capsules -45 days’ supply.