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The Primal Nootropic, Magnesium – Zinc – Vitamin B6 & Vitamin D3

For long-lasting daily energy – Increase your Focus, Motivation and Concentration at work, university or any other athletic activity.

Note: Every order containing Magnesium product will be delayed during week 44 and 45.

Product description

  • With GoPrimal Vitality pack you will increase your every day energy and at the same time you will be able to enjoy a deep sleep that will help you to recover mental and physically.
  • Improve focus and daily energy.
  • Power & Immune defense.
  • Recover and Regenerate

The Primal Nootropic

Product description

  • Improve your concentration, physical strenght and vitality to achieve the optimum results possible. Wheter at work or in the gym, you want to perform at your best level.
  • Better focus, vitality and performance at work or in athletic field.
  • 300mg A-GPC: enhance muscle power & performance 200mg Theanine: yield energy and improve concentration without the caffeine rush 120 mg L-tyrosine, 50 mg Rhodiola, 6mg B12 & 200mg Bocopa: improves mental cognition and mood..
  • 60 capsules – 30 days’ supply.

Magnesium-Zinc & Vitamin B6

Product description

  • When you workout you lose essential minerals like magnesium and zinc via sweating which can lead to a deficiency.
  • Magnesium and Zinc are responsible for preventing muscle cramps during and after workouts.
  • Alleviation of feelings of weakness, fatigue, migraine or sleep and stress disorders. Vitamin B6 improve absorption
  • 300 mg Magnesium Taurinate-Bisglycinate 16mg Zinc Picolinate Vitamin B6.
  • 90 capsules – 45 days’ supply.

Vitamin D3

Product description

  • Due to our indoor lifestyle, D3 deficiency is widely spread all over western countries. GoPrimal’s vitamin D3 is sourced from sheep wool (lanolin) by adding coconut oil optimal absorption in the body is granted.
  • Vitamin D3 is a vital, fat-soluble prohormone. By regulating the calcium supply of our muscle and stimulating protein synthesis, it plays a key role in building strong muscles and bones.
  • Mood & immunity: vitamin D3 boosts the immune system and is used by medical professionals to battle depression.
  • 2500 IU high dose blended with coconut oil to enhance absorption.
  • 120 capsules – 120 days’ supply.