Ruben Vallejo qualified to one of the toughest CrossFit competitions: Wodapalooza

GoPrimal has a strong attachment within the CrossFit community, providing nutritional support to many professional athletes, sports enthusiasts and every day heroes like Ruben Vallejo.

This is a story of a regular dude that one day decided to become a hero to many of us

Ruben, besides being a great Head Coach at CrossFit Sab, has qualified to one of the toughest CrossFit competitions in the world, Wodapalooza in Miami, Florida, USA. It will take place in a couple weeks and where you can earn a ticket to the world CrossFit championship. Ruben is the story of overcoming every single obstacle, hard work and success.

He is considered one of the top 15 Adapted Athletes in the world

At GoPrimal we believe in people like Ruben, regular Joe that doesn’t want to just be that, a regular Joe, and fights against all odds to become the best version he can ever be. One of our cornerstones is to create products from the CrossFit community to the CrossFit community, so we can continue forging more “every day heroes “.

Ruben believes in GoPrimal products and he offers them as a great complement to CrossFit Sab´s members, and we believe in Ruben, not only as a great athlete, but as a great coach who is changing for good, hundreds of lives every day with their training program and also with his strong personality.

Follow us during these days and we will update Ruben´s journey to become a true living legend for this sport and the CrossFit community in Spain.

Crossfit adapted athlete
Ruben Vallejo. Top 15 Adapted Athletes in the world

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