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GoPrimal new direction 2019

2019 is setting a new direction for GoPrimal. As many of you have seen in our Social Media, we have updated our logo and packaging, not only that, we have launched a set of new products, to fulfill a big gap existing in the sport supplement industry: High quality supplements With natural background Scientifically proven […]

Community is everything, grow it with us

Supporting the community By the end of 2013, the guys from GoPrimal were working really close with the CrossFit community in countries where this sport was starting to arise. We were visiting many new boxes, chatting with their owners, coaches. Sharing best practices from other boxes in countries where CrossFit was more consolidated. During Christmas […]

Omega-3 and Muscle Recovery

Omega-3 supplementation can increase muscle protein synthesis, mainly by regulating the mTOR pathways During exercise, our body is under stress. This stress allows us to improve our performance, health and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Once the exercise has stopped, the body goes into recovery mode. Here is where we need Omega-3 Complete muscle protein synthesis […]

Fish Oil Transparency and Sustainability

A few months ago, we upgraded our Omega 3 fish oil and pushed it to the absolute top-level, not only quality-wise but also when it comes to sustainability and transparency. Have you ever wondered where our fish oil comes from? Let us take you on a little trip! What fish is used? We exclusively use […]

Salmon, you should avoid it like the plague!

Being a co-owner of a supplement company but also a vet leads to a kind of occupational disease, that everything which has to do with animals (and also those who end up as our food), attracts my attention. This internal force never sleeps – to the disappointment of my girlfriend, not even while on holiday […]