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5 of the biggest fitness&nutrition myths debunked

Working out on empty stomach will increase fat burning Nope, it won´t. After hours of sleep, your metabolism is pretty slow working! Make sure you have at least a quick power breakfast to start the metabolism engine again but also to have some fuel in the tank for the workout Creatine is bad for the […]

Omega-3 and Muscle Recovery

Omega-3 supplementation can increase muscle protein synthesis, mainly by regulating the mTOR pathways During exercise, our body is under stress. This stress allows us to improve our performance, health and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Once the exercise has stopped, the body goes into recovery mode. Here is where we need Omega-3 Complete muscle protein synthesis […]

Long Slow Distances and what it can do for you

Martina is a powerlifting record holder, part of the Powerlifting Austrian national team 🇦🇹, blogger, health enthusiast and dog lover. We are very proud that she is a part of the GoPrimal family! As promised in our last newsletter here is her blog article on “Long Slow Distances” and how it can improve your overall […]