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Omega-3 and Muscle Recovery

Omega-3 supplementation can increase muscle protein synthesis, mainly by regulating the mTOR pathways During exercise, our body is under stress. This stress allows us to improve our performance, health and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. Once the exercise has stopped, the body goes into recovery mode. Here is where we need Omega-3 Complete muscle protein synthesis […]

How to do Handstand PushUps | Crossfit Games Athletes | GoPrimal

Learn how to do strict handstand pushups. Go through the progressions with our Crossfit Games qualified athletes. Sven Verheul will show you the moves and Brenda Koolhaas will explain to you on what you should focus during the progressions. This video is Powered by Vondelgym, Punt Uit, and GoPrimal.The elite: What makes GoPrimal Supplements special? Thanks […]