The vitamin D factor. Research shows vitamin D3 sometimes prevents the common cold. Could it help ward off the new coronavirus? by Charles Horton, M.D

We would like to share an article from   where it covers the new research about coronavirus and 2007 studies about common flue, clod, respiratory infections and use of Vitamin D3.

” WORLD reader Dr. John Umhau thus calls our attention to a 2017 paper in The BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal). In it, a team performed a meta-analysis—basically, a study of other studies—investigating a common compound and its effect on immunity against respiratory infections like the common cold. The meta-analysis didn’t focus specifically on coronaviruses (a family of viruses that can also cause colds), but it may still apply to them. The drug in question? A humble compound we associate more with milk and bone health: vitamin D.”

In summary, while the research doesn’t yet prove vitamin D3 is effective against the new coronavirus strain, it does show how this vitamin helps protect against common respiratory infections. With the coronavirus and other bugs spreading across the globe, taking vitamin D supplements, at least during the winter months, might help to stay healthier and stronger.


For more information, here is the full article:


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