GoPrimal new direction 2019

2019 is setting a new direction for GoPrimal.

As many of you have seen in our Social Media, we have updated our logo and packaging, not only that, we have launched a set of new products, to fulfill a big gap existing in the sport supplement industry:

  • High quality supplements
  • With natural background
  • Scientifically proven performance enhancement result.
  • Reasonable price

Our foundation still remains the same, true to our core values and ultimate goal: COMPLETE HUMAN OPTIMIZATION

We came a long way since we started, creating the highest quality Essential products Omega 3, Vitamin D3 and Mag-Zinc-B6 product that any company is able to create an offer at a fair price.

We want to offer our customers the opportunity to reach their goals, at life and at their athletic performance, as we believe both should be connected, becoming the best version of yourself: TOTAL HUMAN OPTIMIZATION is our most ambitious plan for all of you.

In January 2019 GoPrimal has launched two new products that will revolutionize the way you see supplements:

  • GRASS FED HYDRO WHEY with digestive enzymes to enhance abortion
  • NEUROHACKER NOOTROPIC STACK with a powerful dose of A-GPC

Why are we different? GoPrimal products are designed to maximize the absorption of its ingredients, by using powerful(but balanced) formulations and high quality ingredients sourced from the nature – which is the best way for your body to absorb.

This means we dont mask flavours, we don't add colorants, we don't fancy up our products with trademarked ingredients

WE DELIVER JUST WHAT YOU REALLY NEED. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our journey has just started, we are working on two more products that will help you to reach your goals at life and at athletic performance. We are fighting against all these companies offering millions of products, that has no impact in your health or performance.

We are carefully designing every single product, we don't sell trends or hypes, we produce what really matters to us and to you, because we are just like you.