Our commitment to sustainability

At GoPrimal, we are passionate about fitness, health, and our beautiful planet. As much as we'd love to completely eliminate plastic from our packaging, the reality is that sustainable alternatives for food and supplement requirements are still evolving. But we are not backing down from our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. That's why we have partnered with CleanHub, a game-changing organization dedicated to cleaning our oceans and preventing plastic waste from causing further harm.

Our aim: collecting 1,600 kg of Plastic Waste

We are proud to announce our commitment to collect 1,600 kg of plastic waste within a year. Through our collaboration with CleanHub, we enable the safe collection and recovery of ocean-bound plastic waste. By doing so, we not only protect our environment but also create sustainable job opportunities in the global south, contributing to the wellbeing of local communities.

We collect more than what we produce

We're not just in the business of delivering top-notch health supplements; we are on a mission to protect our oceans from plastic waste. For every GoPrimal product you purchase, we are determined to collect and prevent even more plastic from entering the ocean. It's a powerful pledge, and we want you to join us on this journey to saving the planet.

We support waste management

Did you know that two billion people living in coastal regions lack proper waste management facilities? The repercussions are severe, with trash either being openly burned, dumped, or ending up in poorly managed landfills, significantly impacting our climate and precious ecosystems. This is why we decided to take action and partner with CleanHub.

We create sustainable job opportunities

Our efforts extend to empowering Collection Hubs in India, Indonesia, and Cambodia. By intercepting waste before it reaches the environment, we prevent its harmful impact on nature. We work closely with these communities to provide access to proper waste management, putting an end to open dumping and burning practices. Every contribution we receive helps expand this impactful model, strengthening coastal regions worldwide, and uplifting communities through job opportunities.

We sort for a sustainable future

We take waste management seriously. After collecting the plastic waste, we ensure it undergoes proper sorting, allowing each material to be disposed of correctly. Recyclable plastic is sold to local recyclers, while non-recyclable plastic is processed in the most environmentally sustainable manner available. We meticulously track the plastic we recover through the CleanHub app, keeping ourselves accountable and transparent in our journey.

Recovery Live Update

Our dedication to ocean protection and sustainability is a constant journey in motion. Check out the Impact Report and track our progress in real-time. Check out how much plastic waste we have already recovered, thanks to the joint efforts of our passionate community and the CleanHub partnership.

Be part of our sustainability movement

Join us on our mission to collect more plastic waste than we produce, creating an effect of positive change in our oceans and beyond.

Let’s create a cleaner, healthier world and protect our oceans together.