Want to add CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ (highly branched cyclic dextrin) to your workout supplement's list? Read this post before doing this to learn about CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ in detail!

As an athlete, you can't deny the importance of carbohydrates for enhancing your workout endurance. You might have used many supplements before, and CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ is a new addition in the sports nutrition world. But, CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️, a form of carbohydrate, has proven benefits for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Keep reading to know about the benefits and other things about highly branched cyclic dextrin.

What Is CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ : Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD)?

Highly branched cyclic dextrin is also known as cluster dextrin and is a new and improved type of maltodextrin. It's formed by breaking starch (amylopectin), which forms clusters. Although it consists of clusters, CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ has better solubility than any other carbohydrate. It's better than most GI carbs like maltodextrin and dextrose because, unlike these carbs, it doesn't cause a sudden increase in blood glucose or insulin levels.

What Are the Sources of CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ - Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin?

Cyclic dextrin comes from both natural and artificial sources. It's produced naturally by bacteria when they act on carbohydrates and break them. To produce them artificially, you have to take help from special enzymes that can act on starch and break it to form cyclic dextrins. These enzymes especially break amylopectin starch. Initially, starch is broken down into clusters which are joined together with the help of enzymes to form cyclic dextrins.

Mechanism of Action of CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️- Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

Simple carbs are often used as carbs sources and are not a perfect choice for intra workouts. The reason for this is the high osmolarity of simple carbs that triggers osmoreceptors located in the small intestine to slow down the gastric release. These carbs are often absorbed in the small intestine, due to which they reach muscles late. When your muscles don't get the required energy on time, your workout performance is affected.

In contrast, HBCD has low osmolarity and high molecular weight, making it an easily digestible carb (1) that acts as a quick energy source for muscles. It will quickly break down in the small intestine and be transported to the muscles to provide them energy.

HBCD is a beneficial supplement that provides gradual and instant energy to muscles for a long time. As a result, you can work out more without feeling tired. Constant energy also keeps your glucose levels in control, which makes you more energetic and productive during a workout (2).

Benefits of CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ - Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

You'll get many benefits by using highly branched cyclic dextrin; some of these are given below:

  • Provides the required carbs for your muscles gradually to increase your energy levels during the workout (3).

  • Unlike other carbs, it doesn't allow your blood sugar and insulin levels to fluctuate. Being a slow and steady source of carbs, CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ plays a role in maintaining your blood glucose and insulin levels.

  • Studies say that CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ can help you prevent the discomfort or fatigue you usually feel after exercise. If you take a highly branched cyclic dextrin supplement, you'll not have to suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, including flatulence and belching.

  • It can help you enhance stamina and endurance and build your muscles while helping you lose the additional unhealthy muscle fat.

How CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ Improves Endurance and helps Athletes?

CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ acts as a steady source of carbs in the body without the need to consume starchy carbs frequently. Too many starchy carbs can lead to bloating and make you sluggish during the workout. Athletes often have to perform strenuous workouts, for which they need a sustained energy source without the need of consuming food often.

Highly branched cyclic dextrins are digested quickly but are absorbed by the muscles at a steady rate. The sustained energy supply increases the endurance performance (4) of the Athletes without causing excessive insulin release. This efficient refueling also reduces the recovery time after a workout which is also important for improving the performance of Athletes.

Recommended Dose of CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️

The recommended dose of CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ - HBCD is 20-25g for every hour of hard training or physical activity. For the best results, mix highly branched cyclic dextrin in water and take it before and after the workout.

Note: The amount can vary depending upon your workout complexity and your body’s requirements. Therefore, the best way to find out the recommended dose for yourself is to consult an expert.

Can Anyone Take CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ Supplement?

CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ is regarded as a safe (5) supplement as there are no safety concerns associated with its use. However, this doesn't mean anyone can take CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️. This supplement is helpful to enhance performance before and after intensive exercise. So, it's recommended and suitable for athletes, but it shouldn't be taken if you don't have to do any hard physical activity or exercise.

Bottom Line

Here ends our guide on CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️highly branched cyclic dextrin. If you want to use this supplement, remember the things you learned here to get maximum benefits and avoid the side effects of CLUSTER DEXTRIN®️ supplementation!