How a Nutrition PhD Maintains Healthy Vitamin D Levels?

Having vitamin D deficiency and don't know how to deal with it? Read this post to find out how a nutrition PhD maintains healthy vitamin D levels!

When you start finding the most common nutrient deficiencies worldwide, vitamin D deficiency (1) will be on the top of the list. Another stressing thing is that you can’t restore your body’s required vitamin D naturally. It’s almost impossible to do this without taking any supplements. The importance of vitamin D for your body can’t be ignored because it plays an important role in performing and regulating many of your body functions.

The mbg Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Ashley Jorden Ferira, who holds a PhD in nutrition, shares an effective supplement for optimizing the healthy vitamin D levels. Before we move on to what is that miracle supplement and how to use it, let’s have a brief overview of vitamin D benefits.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Some of the benefits of vitamin D are:

  1. Supports Immune System

Optimal vitamin D levels are required for the healthy functioning of the immune system. This vitamin activates and optimizes the activity of both innate and adaptive immune systems in many ways. The major benefits of vitamin D for your immune system are:

  • Fights against the bacteria and other infection-causing organisms by building your immune system.

  • Increases the number of white blood cells (2), which are considered the primary cells that fight against infectious organisms.

  • Prepares the body for future infections by strengthening your adaptive immune system.

Studies say that vitamin D deficiency is often a major cause of many autoimmune diseases (3).

  1. Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

Vitamin D strengthens your bones by improving the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in your gut. These minerals are then added to the bloodstream and deposited in the bones, making them strong. If the mineralization of bones doesn't occur, they can become brittle and weak with time.

  1. Improves Gut Health

Vitamin D promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria (4) that help improve gut metabolism and function. Moreover, many studies have proven the role of vitamin D in maintaining a healthy mucosal lining (5), which is a protective barrier between your bloodstream and digestive system.

  1. Promotes a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy (6) and caring for the newborn after pregnancy can be healthy if a high number of stress hormones and strong stamina are achieved. The body's increased demands disturb the physiological balance of the body and nutrient reserves. If the fetus requires vitamin D in high amounts, the mother's vitamin D requirement will also increase.

Studies prove the benefits of vitamin D3 supplementation for both fetal and maternal vitamin D sufficiency. It improves the health of the fetus and mother by improving:

  • Bone density

  • Fetal growth

  • Immune function

  • Maternal metabolism health

  1. Required for Thyroid Health

Thyroid hormones control many important body functions, such as musculoskeletal health, the sleep cycle, reproductive health, metabolism, immunity, weight, and mood. Thyroid hormones are also required for the health and beauty of your nails, skin, and hair. Vitamin D plays an important role in optimizing the production of thyroid hormones (7) in the body.

Taking care of your thyroid health before, after, and during pregnancy is crucial for a healthy pregnancy. So, if you're taking vitamin D during your pregnancy, it benefits you in multiple ways.

Vitamin D3 Potency+ Supplement for Optimizing Your Vitamin D Levels

Ashley Jorden Ferira recommends their vitamin D3 potency+ as a high potency vitamin D supplement to combat vitamin D deficiency. This dietary supplement can help many people improve and maintain their vitamin D levels to support the whole body's functioning.

The source of this supplement is organic algae, which is considered the highest quality source of vitamin D. For the best absorption of vitamin D, a trio of organic virgin oils is added. It improves the absorption of vitamin D and provides healthy omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids. These fatty acids' anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pro-metabolic properties support overall health.

The best thing about vitamin D3 potency+ is that you get your required 5000 IU vitamin D from 1 gelcap (single serving) of this supplement. Make sure you get a vitamin D deficiency test before using this supplement. If you're not vitamin D deficient or the deficiency isn't severe, it's recommended not to use it because it's a high-potency supplement, and it can drastically increase the vitamin D levels. High levels of vitamin D, more than the body's requirement, can disturb the body's normal functioning.


Vitamin D is an important nutrient that your body needs to stay healthy. You have to use supplements to get the required vitamin D because you can't reach the required levels naturally. Vitamin D3 potency+ is an effective supplement for boosting and maintaining your vitamin D levels. Use this supplement as per requirement because overdosing isn't good either!