Electrolytes and High Intensity Training. The science behind Hydraforce and why creatine and electrolytes are important

Why our body needs a perfect balance of electrolytes, amino acids and creatine.

When training high intensity workout, typically used in High Intensity Training  or HIIT training (from now on we will use the word High Intensity Training  to define any high intensity intervallic training), we sweat more than usual, due to the "high intensity" stress that we put our body. This is why sometimes our sweat smells like ammonia. Ammonia NH3 is present in every amino acid in our body.


How electrolytes balance is important for optimum energy. Hydration for High Intensity Training

Your body uses amino acids for energy every day. There is no way to avoid this. Your body constantly goes into catabolic (tissue breakdown) and anabolic (tissue building) phases. This is why proper hydration for High Intensity Training  is so important. Evidence for interactions between amino acid and electrolyte metabolism has been reviewed in the last years. Variations in dietary sodium, potassium, and chloride concentrations affect acid-base balance and also influence the severity of the lysine-arginine antagonism. These amino acids are key for building tissue, therefore a proper balance of electrolytes when training will influence how your body uses amino acids to create energy.  This is the reason why perfect hydration, not only with water but with electrolytes (salts and minerals like potassium and sodium) will help you to fight fatigue. What our customers always tell us is that when they are half way through their training and drink Hydraforce, they automatically feel revitalized, and this is nothing else than science, this is the effect of maintaining a proper ratio of electrolytes and avoiding depletion when sweating. (1,2)


Electrolytes and Creatine work together for a perfect hydration for High Intensity Training

A recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN (3)) found supplementation with creatine and electrolytes improved anaerobic power and strength in healthy subjects. Subjects were recreationally trained young adults (age 19–24).Very important to consider, the study was a double-blind, randomized trial to examine the effects of the creatine and electrolyte supplement on upper and lower body strength and power performance measures. Subjects needed to be creatine supplementation-free for at least 1 month prior to participating. The results were notable, especially considering subjects were already engaged in weight training. The 1-rep max (1RM) for back squat increased by 13.4 % and bench press maximal strength increased by 5.9 % in the supplement group, compared to a decrease of 0.2% and an increase of 0.7 % (non-significant) for placebo, respectively. The supplement group also showed significant increases in total concentric work and mean power in a maximal repetition bench press test at 80% of their 1RM. These results are remarkable even compared with the use of just creatine by itself. Creatine is the most researched sport supplement and its efficacy has no doubt. However many studies done with creatine supplementation has proven its benefits in a threshold of 3-4 % increase, far from a +13 % as provided by creatine and electrolytes. Another double blind randomized study performed at Western Washington University, showed the benefits of supplementing with both ingredients while training. The postulated mechanism is that creatine monohydrate supplementation improved peak and mean power output during sprint cycling, and the electrolytes further improve creatine and the ergogenic effect.


The best hydration with Electrolytes, Creatine and Vitamins: HydraForce and antioxidants

Antioxidants are linked with reducing muscle soreness and may also lower the level of oxidative stress your body. Antioxidants are beneficial when you want to recover quicker, reduce muscle soreness, but also to avoid external tissue damage, like hair, nails and specially skin. Have you ever seen how an ultra-runner skin looks? Wrinkly and dry, as they are put under extreme pressure and they sweat during many hours.

Thuri Helgadottir 8 times crossfit games athlete

Vitamin C, Vitamin Bs are among the best antioxidant that anybody can take, they also strengthen your immune system, which is always under attack when we train, specially competing in High Intensity Training  or long training/competitions, specially the Endurance training is very detrimental for your immune system.(5) Increased oxidative stress during exercise results in the production of free radicals, which leads to muscle damage, fatigue, and impaired performance This is why we have created the most affecting functional and isotonic drink. The synergetic effect of creatine, electrolytes and vitamins provide the perfect hydration for High Intensity Training and Endurance sports. Not only that, it taste really good, so you can really feel hydrated right away. There is no need for energetic drinks; these drinks provide a fake effect of energy with many downsides. Caffeine and sugar normally used in these drinks can give you an injection of dopamine and spike your insulin level, providing a crash after a few minutes and an increase of your inflammatory profile. Many isotonic drinks also use this drink with a high amount of sugar and very low content of electrolytes(salts and minerals are expensive to source and also provide a funny taste, so you really need to master the flavour and the formula to make it as tasty as ours).

As always GoPrimal only provides healthy products with backed by science results/benefits, so you can be healthier then perform better.

We don’t promise unattainable lifestyles or to be able to reach unrealistic goals, we just provide Rooted in Science products.



Gary Gilles Nutrition and Strength coach


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