Fueling Strength: A Day in the Life of CrossFit® Athlete Aniol

Aniol Ekai

Hi, I am Aniol and I will walk you through my day as a CrossFit® athlete. As a professional athlete, my training regimen is incredibly intense and demanding. Each day, I push my body to its limits to achieve new levels of fitness and strength. While training plays a crucial role in my success, I understand that optimal nutrition is equally important. That's why I've incorporated GoPrimal products into my diet. In this blog post, I'll share how GoPrimal products helps me recover, grow stronger, and maintain a lean physique.

A typical day in a life as a professional CrossFit® athlete

A Balanced Breakfast to Kickstart the Day

My day begins with an early wake-up call, followed by a nourishing breakfast. I opt for a combination of eggs, avocado, and fresh fruit. This provides me with a rich source of protein, healthy fats, and natural sugars, giving me the energy boost needed for the day ahead. Eggs and avocados are also rich in nutrients and also Omega 3, which is great for recovery. Fresh fruits provide healthy carbs and fibers.

Training Session 1: Energizing and Replenishing

After breakfast, I head to the gym for my first training session of the day. This intense workout typically lasts around 90mins. While warming up with the rest of the team at CrossFit® Zarautz, we take GoPrimal Carbs and Electrolytes, this allow us to train full of energy the whole session and we make sure our electrolyte levels are topped even after the session This is something very important for me, especially during summer to avoid cramps and extreme fatigue. Post-workout, I consume my first serving of GoPrimal Protein, mixed with water and almond/hazelnut milk. This ensures my body receives the necessary nutrients for optimal recovery and growth.

Small Meals, Big Impact

Throughout the day, I follow a routine of consuming small, balanced meals every few hours. This strategy keeps my metabolism active and energy levels high. Each meal is rich in protein, healthy fats, and includes an abundance of vegetables. This consistent nutrition approach fuels my body and aids in maintaining a lean physique.

If I am not able to eat at home, I have small tricks to keep my macronutrients level at its peak. A very simple meal with plenty of calories and protein is greek yogurt with GoPrimal Strawberry Protein. If I don't want that much calories I use Kefir or light yogurt. always mixed with some protein powder for extra protein and flavor.

GoPrimal Athlete Aniol Ekai

Training Session 2: Strength and Conditioning

In the afternoon, I engage in my second training session of the day. This session focuses on strength and conditioning, challenging my muscles and cardiovascular system. Again GoPrimal Carbs and Electrolytes save my day, this time I add Creatine, normally 8 gram, but if we are close to competition or even during, I normally increase it to 15 grams.

Winding Down and Recharging

To wind down after a challenging day, I engage in yoga or mobility work in the evening. This helps me relax both physically and mentally. Finally, I wrap up the day with a strong dinner. This might be 300-400 grams grilled chicken or fish, some roasted vegetables, and 200 grams of rice, pasta, potatoes or quinoa. Before bed, there is not a single day that I miss taking my favorite GoPrimal Products for recovery: Omega3, Magnesium complex and Vitamin D3. This is what allows me to sleep properly and feel fully recovered the next day. Closer to competition I increase the intake, but normally I take 2 capsules of each product. This really is my daily night routine, so I always have them ready on my bedroom table so I never forget.

Recovery and Growth: GoPrimal Protein's Key Benefits

To support my training, GoPrimal Protein provides my body with the essential nutrients it needs to recover and grow stronger after each workout. As a grass fed hydrolised protein, it is rapidly absorbed by my body, ensuring maximum benefits from every serving. Given my frequent training sessions, it is very important that I have on hand protein powder, it’s very easy to use and it tastes great. GoPrimal Protein enables my body to recover swiftly, allowing me to maintain a high level of performance day after day.

Maintaining a Lean Physique: GoPrimal Protein's Role

As an athlete, it's imperative for me to maintain a lean physique. GoPrimal Protein aids in achieving this goal. It is low in fat and carbohydrates, making it ideal for individuals seeking to keep their body fat levels low but functional. Furthermore, GoPrimal Protein contains the best ingredients possible, making it a healthy and clean protein supplement for those focused on a balanced diet.

Now it is on you: Give it a try and get your GoPrimal hydrolyzed protein today!

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