GoPrimal Ambassador Program - Join the team!!

GoPrimal like-minded - This is for you

 Every quarter of the year, we open our ambassador application process for five days. To create the best supplement company with the best ambassadors, we go through a very selective procedure that we take very seriously.

What do we look for

Although there isn't a precise  formula for selection, there are a few things we look for when reviewing applications and social networking networks.

  • Experts in their field who are passionate about motivating, educating, and leading others into a healthier and stronger future.
  • Those who want to strengthen and develop their community.
  • Engage GoPrimal to your community, gym, friends and family.
  • People who regularly distribute content that not only reflects the ideals of GoPrimal but also their core values: Dedicated, Positive, Powerful.
  • IG Accounts that are not private.
  • You will be invited to our workshops with our athletes: weightlifting, endurance capacity,
    competition, neuro athletic training and many more, to improve your performance, health
    and longevity.
  •  Be the first one to get our new products
  • You will become part of our VIP team, having access to many workshops, product launch,
    events, parties and many other cool stuff we are doing all around Europe every week

PRO TIP: Check out the Instagram pages of some of our existing ambassadors to get a better idea of what we're looking for and how to stand out from the competition.

How can you apply

Email us at and explain more about you, add all your social profiles and let us know why you want to be part of the GoPrimal Team.

After review, we will select only 5 candidates to meet our Ambassador Manager and if you are truly a GoPrimal Like-minded you will be one of 5 chosen.

What is the ambassador program about

The GoPrimal ambassador program is a family! You will get to know the GoPrimal staff, employees, athletes, and other ambassadors throughout the program. 

  • You will get a 10% commission on sales you drive to the GoPrimal site with your discount code and/or unique site link.
  • You will receive unique GoPrimal apparel and products for you and your friends.
  • There will be weekly team calls focusing on fitness, personal development, building your fitness business, and connecting with the GoPrimal family.
  • You will be invited to special events only for GoPrimal athletes and ambassadors throughout the year.
  • As a GoPrimal Ambassador, you will grow within your community, making them aware of the benefits of use GoPrimal products and what's the brand about. You will be our Local Hero and represent GoPrimal where you go.

If you want to be a part of a family of leaders, a team that sets and holds the new standard, and a group of individuals who consistently PROVE TO THEMSELVES WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF, then this program might be for you...


Is there a age requirement?

At least 18 years old.

Exist monthly fees or dues?

There are no fees or requirements for minimum purchases.

Do you need a sizable social media following?

It isn't necessary, but it does assist. We're seeking for individuals who positively influence their area of influence and personify our company's mission. We want you to spread awareness of GoPrimal and our "Primal" philosophy both online and offline in your gym and community.

My social media accounts are private. Has that any bearing on my application?

It does, indeed. Even while you don't need a sizable fan base to be accepted, social networking is a tool for us to learn more about you, profiles on social media that are private wont be validated.