How to get 30grams of protein in a meal

Protein Powder And Smoothies: A Perfect Match

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Protein should be a mandatory breakfast to support healthy body functions. It reduces your appetite, supports healthy metabolism, and helps you maintain healthy body weight. However, most people find it challenging to eat a heavy meal in the morning and mostly skip protein from their breakfast. Smoothies can be the best alternative for you if you are also one of them. 

Protein shakes are the most convenient ways to replace solid meals while adding enough protein to your diet. 

Benefits Of Protein Shakes 

  • They reduce appetite and help you to lose extra fat conveniently 
  • Supports healthy metabolism 
  • Keeps your energy levels stable 
  • Regulate your blood sugar
  • Reduce the risk of several diseases 
  • Boosts exercise performance 
  • Enhance mental clarity 

Ingredients For A High Protein Shake

Add milk and blend all the ingredients. Your power-packed smoothie is ready to serve. 

Plant proteins are high in fiber and low in calories,  It ultimately reduces your calorie intake while enhancing your daily nutrient profile. On the other hand, zucchini is packed with multiple nutrients and antioxidants that cleanse your body, enhance digestion, lower cholesterol and improve your overall well-being.

Greek yogurt is an amazing source of protein and strengthens your bones and muscles. Furthermore, it helps to keep you full, support muscle recovery and maintain a healthy body weight. 

So, if you are not into eating heavy breakfasts, protein-packed smoothies can be the best alternative.