How to improve mental clarity and focus and what are nootropics

How to improve mental clarity and focus and what are the best nootropics for focus and fighting fatigue? We explain you which is the best nootropic supplement for you and show you how to improve concentration and memory while studying or training using them. Benefits of nootropics are endless as biohacking supplements.

How to improve mental clarity and focus

How to improve concentration and energy or above all, how to recover quickly from fatigue are objectives that we always pursue and that, in part, we carry out in our day to day without even knowing it based on something called nootropics, present in our usual daily diet. These can be chemical or natural, such as coffee, for example, caffeine, which is the most commonly used natural nootropic. We are going to clarify perfectly what nootropics are and what they are for since there is a lot of misinformation about them and it is very possible that they are the great ally you are looking for to increase concentration and motivation.

Our goal with this article is, in addition to talking about our Focus & Power nootropic supplement, it is to provide you with a general knowledge about nootropics, and that you understand for yourself because a natural supplement like GoPrimal Focus & Power is better than any other nootropic supplement you can find in the market. Thing we know and of which we are very proud. If you are looking to buy our Natural Nootropic supplement please visit our shop, but if you need to know more please keep reading :).

Looking for our Natural nootropic supplement?

How to improve concentration and memory for studying, training or working.

Nootropics are natural compounds from elements such as leaves, plants, roots and mushrooms that are able to improve your memory, increase energy, give you mental clarity or other important benefits how to improve concentration and performance. Nootropic supplements (also called ‘biohacking products or biohacking supplements) give you the mental clarity and focus of coffee, but without the jitters, bad breath, or constant need to pee. They are considered to be part of a category of ‘biohacking supplements’- legal, safe supplements that can improve your mental capacity.

As we said, most of us already use nootropics without even knowing it as L-theanine for example, which is another nootropic very present for energy and focus, naturally appears in black and green teas, and is added to drinks energy stores that you can easily buy at any store. The Omega 3 fish oil pills (which have the omega 3 fatty acids, key to a healthy brain) that you take every day are also considered a nootropic supplement.
Nootropics are categorized into natural and chemical nootropics (below we have a guide to natural nootropics, the only ones we recommend). With these nootropics that we find in nature, nootropic supplements are developed. As you can imagine, the effective result will be obtained with a natural nootropic supplement such as GoPrimal.

If you could think faster, improve your concentration, have more mental clarity, increase concentration, fight fatigue and improve energy levels, what could you get during exam time? In a training session? In a competition?

Biohacking supplement and other biohacking products

Nootropic supplements are also called biohacking supplements or biohacking products in general terms, they became a hot topic in health and fitness lately because everyone wants to know how they can live longer, better and doing it in the most natural way. If you train regularly, eat well, sleep enough, and take your supplements (like Omega 3 and Vitamin D) you’re already biohacking yourself. Biohacking isn't just about your body, though - About biohacking products, biohacking supplements as our Focus&Power are all about improving quality of life. Nootropic supplements are the next step in biohacking, improving energy, mental clarity, focus and concentration to improve your quality of life.

Benefits of nootropics supplements

Benefits of nootropics are undisputed. Let's say everything you are, perceive or do is all thanks to your healthy brain function. The best natural nootropics (Talking here about the nootropic as natural ingredient and not about the supplement made of nootropics) will turn on your brain functions in many different ways, so then, they offer cognitive benefits far beyond a commercial memory medicine or pill.

Indeed, if we talk about powering up our brain, nootropics have really great ability to enhance your performance in life. It's not really a question about what you do or what you are, they can be used in any way for different brain aspects, in short-term benefits and in long-term benefits.

There is really no question nootropics work. But results may vary depending on each person and nootropic combination of course.

  • As short-term benefits of nootropics: We can talk about enhancements for focus, stress, short-term memory and others achieving better productivity in competitions, projects or exams.
  • On a more long-term benefits of nootropics: They help us keeping our brain structure healthy during the years offering also memory enhancement, helping with cognitive decline, our mood and mental clarity in general terms.

Why choose our Focus&Power Nootropic supplement

A lot of supplementation or medical companies sell biohacking products despite them being less effective than they could be, because of the pureness and quantity of each nootropic ingredient they may use. Please, avoid to fall for their sales pitches. Only use high quality natural biohacking supplements to get best results without possible side effects.You can check the full list of our Focus&Power Nootropic supplement (Nootropic supplements are considered biohacking supplements) and compare among other biohacking supplements, you will understand what we are talking about.

What does the GoPrimal Focus&Power contain?

Let's get to the point, in each pack of GoPrimal Focus & Power you will find 30 softgels. We recommend as a daily dose 2 softgels. For each recommended daily dose of 2 of these softgels you get the following:

  • Bacopa extract (Bacopa monnieri) 200 mg
  • L-tyrosine 120 mg
  • L-Theanine 200 mg
  • Alpha gpc (L-alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine) 300 mg
  • Rhodiola rosea extract 50 mg
  • Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) 6µg / 240% (% Nutrient Reference Value)
  • Piperine (Bioperine TM) 4.76 mg

The Focus and Power the GoPrimal, provides high concentrations and pureness of each of these ingredients, together we have added Bioperine, to increase the absorption of all of them. This is our key to give an effective response to how to improve the concentration of truth.

The nootropic supplement GoPrimal Focus & Power contains, among others, L-tyrosine and L-theanine (not to be confused with dry Teine), amino acids that have been scientifically proven to promote memory, mood and cognitive abilities. Rhodiola Siberiana, which is a plant used in Asia to effectively combat muscle and mental fatigue thus helping to restore your energy and vitamin B-12 (found naturally in animal products such as meat, milk and eggs, and that they are key to brain function and to achieve goals such as improving concentration).

Best nootropic supplement. How to choose?

The best nootropic supplement will be always a natural one, because with natural nootropic supplements you will get always the better results and the less problems. A good natural nootropic supplement will gives you a real response to how to recover quickly from muscle fatigue, improves your mental ability to concentrate and that contains an optimized mixture of these ingredients listed on our nootropics guide. Avoid synthetic biohacking products.

Unlike natural chemical or nootropic supplements taken on a regular basis, natural nootropic supplements such as GoPrimal's Focus & Power are a mixture of several natural high pureness nootropic components, in much higher percentages and of proven purity. This translates into greater results, and 0 side effects (such as anxiety or nerves that can cause caffeine, theine or others).

By combining high doses of our ingredients we also supply several existing nutritional deficiencies and, in turn, we reinforce basic parameters of the organisms to improve memory, motivation, mental fatigue, combat stress and other basic deficiencies that we suffer due to our modern lifestyle.

So what's the difference?

The difference is that the best nootropic supplements are a mix of various natural nootropic components. The GoPrimal Nootropic supplement contains both L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine, amino acids that have been shown to promote memory, mood and cognitive abilities. Siberian Rhodiola is an herb used in parts of Asia that fights fatigue and helps restore energy. Vitamin B-12, which is naturally found in animal products like meat, milk and eggs, is key to brain function.

The compounds used in Go Primal nootropics are combined to improve mental clarity and focus, improve concentration, and fight fatigue. These nootropics help improve energy levels and mental clarity without feeling anxious or jittery, which is one of the main issues that coffee drinkers report. And unlike a pre workout drink or powder, you can skip the aspartame and artificial colorings and avoid the sickly sweet taste.

What can I expect to feel on a nootropic?

Depends on the type of nootropic. For example, prescription nootropic substances (which are NOT available over the counter) can cause irregular sleep, mood and elevated heart rate, and are generally prescribed for issues such as ADHD or other disorders.

HOWEVER…. Natural nootropics and other over the counter options (like our beloved coffee) will help you focus better, concentrate harder, and be more productive in your work, studying or training. Use nootropics for focus on a big project, and you’ll find you are less distracted. Use nootropics to improve concentration and focus while studying, and you’ll study better. Use nootropics for training, and you'll improve your mental clarity during the craziness of a hard WOD.

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