Human Performance Podcast

Another podcast? but is there any Podcast that talks about Performance and Longevity?

human performance podcast
2 years ago we started The GoPrimal Experience Vlogs in our YouTube Channel - as the podcast format is being more popular we are not only doing the youtube videos but also passing all that information into a podcast format. Probably this is the first thing you thought. During the past 6 months the amount of podcasts uploaded in the entire world has doubled, so you might be overwhelmed with the amount of different podcasts that are out there. Not only we are discussing very interesting topics that will provide valuable information about athletic performance and how to improve longevity, we are also providing a roadmap for people to apply the knowledge that we are extracting from our interviews.

Who is doing the podcast? Adrian and Basti, two guys that have been in the sports and nutrition industry their entire life.

Each episode will contain an interview with an expert in different fields. All interviews will be about Nutrition, Longevity, Performance and Mental Health. BUT, we are adding something extra to the podcast format, something that no other podcast has. We are adding a Challenge to each topic, so you our listener, can put in practice the knowledge we are sharing in each episode. We will be posting the challenge in our Social Media, so stay tuned, as the challenges will be explained and we will be conducting different activities during that week.

Who is hosting the podcast?

Two guys who has spent their entire life within these fields: Nutricion, Performance and Longevity. Both of them have been traveling around the world for many years, learning, working and implementing new approaches to these fascinating topics.

basti rieder

Sebastian Rieder - AKA Basti

CrossFit® Vienna founder and owner. Flow master CrossFit® L4 Staff. "I always had a huge fascination for movement, the human body and how it works. I studied bio-mathematics and physics which helped me tremendously in understanding human physiology and movement.
Early on I started playing soccer, tennis and multiple other sports. I taught martial arts for almost a decade and founded the first CrossFit® Boxes in Austria. Becoming increasingly involved with CrossFit®, I am on of a handful trainers around the world with a CrossFit® Level 4 credentials and I have been teaching hundreds of seminars around the world.
In all my endeavors I was looking for ways to improve movement and help athletes to increase their performance or get rid of pain. This led me to applied functional neurology and z-health, where I am finishing my master Trainer degree at the moment.
In CrossFit® I learned to deal with physical discomfort and pushing my own limits. Most of the CF workouts are short and brutal. The resiliency developed through the daily Workout is outstanding! Trying to test my fitness in different domains I was amazed at how much capacity I developed in longer challenges as well. I got increasingly interest in dealing with longer domains and the mental fortitude required to finish 24h hour races!
One of the key things for me is not only being able to do these challenges, sometimes with very little preparation, but even more so to stay healthy and finish them without injury. The body and mind can suffer a lot, without breaking".

adrian GoPrimal

Adri F. Linares

His career started in the pharmaceutical industry while competing at national Beach Volleyball league. In 2008 started to develop his athletic background in strength and conditioning and in 2018 decided to focus is athletic career in longevity and performance. By that he is trying to optimise his health and performance so he can maintain his peak performance for the longest time possible. As a unique goal is to compete at the 60 years old masters division at the CrossFit® Games. At age 40 and after 2 years of training CrossFit® at a competition level, he has placed top 200 at the 2021 Open qualifying for the Online Masters Qualifiers that provides access to the CrossFit® Games.

First Episodes - Neuro Athletic training, Performance and Longevity.

The first two episodes are a basic introduction of two of the topics that we will be recurrent in our series. Neuroscience training, Performance and Longevity. Neuroscience training is Bastis speciality and he will explaining how it can be helpful to any kind of sport enthusiastic to top athletes. Performance and Longevity will probably be one of the most popular topics we have, as this include tips on how to get better as you age.

Weekly Guests

For more than 15 years, Adrian and Basti have been working with numerous people from all around the globe within the sport and health business, athletes, coaches, olympic professors, business owners, brand managers, nutritionists, and the list go on.

"Most of the knowledge we have is thanks to spend so much time with brilliant people from different parts of the world, that helped us to have a way more open mind when experimenting and researching any kind of topic" . Adri F. Linares.

The main language for our podcast will be english, but as we will interview people from many countries, we will also host episodes in German and Spanish. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube Channel or Spotify podcast Adri and Basti GoPrimal Founders and Podcast host



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