GoPrimal Summer Camp

The GoPrimal Summer Camp: Train, Food & Mediterranean beaches, what else you need for this summer.

goprimal summer camp

The GoPrimal Summer Camp will take place in one of the most idyllic locations in Europe, Costa Brava & Alt Maresme, at just 25 mins from Barcelona.

4 days of training with some of the best local coaches in strength, conditioning and weightlifting. The coaching team has expertise on male and female training and at anytime you will have at least 1 coach for every 3 people. Our groups will be max of 10 people, so we can assure a top quality training for any level of athlete. The priority of our team is that you have fun, enjoy the training, improve your skills and discover the nicest local places in this beautiful region. What a better way to spend your holidays than training while you also enjoy mediterranean beaches and local gastronomy at the best price. 1- We will start the day by an endurance training at the beach or in the nearby cliffs, a paradisiac view while we perfection your movement patterns and work on your aerobic capacity. 2- We will then provide a healthy and delicious snack so you can be ready for the next session: Strength & Weightlifting at one of the top notch facilities; Lotta CrossFit® Canet 3- Lunch will be at the harbour area, where have booked an specific organic and local sourced menu for each one of you. 4- To end the day, we will built the last session, focused on implementing everything we have learned during the first 2 sessions into a WOD at our facility specially booked entirely for the Summer Camp Athletes. 5- Nights will be free, so you can enjoy and explore the local area as you want. Nevertheless we have agreed with local business to offer you special treatment and conditions. We will recommend you and book if needed selected restaurants that offer the best local gastronomy at the best price and service.

Why GoPrimal Summer Camp

For the past years, we have been welcoming people from all around Europe who came to Barcelona for a few days, as GoPrimal is very international company and we work closely with hundreds of gyms, we always get asked where to go for food, training, accommodation and so on. We realised that we were able to not only recommend but also provide a much better experience value per money if we organise the whole thing. Why? we have partnered up with local business to offer a selected treatment at an optimal price. Being locals allow us to deal with local business in their "own language". So we get the best of the best at a better price. Coaches, restaurantes, locations and accommodations are selected carefully, we truly look into every detail and we will make your experience unforgettable. The first camp will take place from the 3rd to 8th of August, we recommend you to fly these days(3rd and 8th) as the training camp will take place from the 4th to the 7th - Wednesday to Saturday. We only have 6 available spots, as the other 8 spots have been pre booked even before we launch the Camp. To review the complete information of the camp check out this link : GoPrimal Summer Camp . Book your spot right away


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