GoPrimal - The supplement company rooted in Science

Three simple words that not only define our company but direct our actions:Rooted in Science.

Every single step we take, every product we design is rooted in Science. It's not just a catchy phrase, it's the GoPrimal Way, for those who want to achieve greatness.We go the extra mile providing the best supplements money can buy. Supplements rooted in Science.

But what it means to be rooted in science?

It can sound like a catchy phrase or a good marketing tool, many others use it in this way, so what is GoPrimal making different?
Many years ago we, the GoPrimal founders were in the middle of a pretty intense training season and we realised that we were always feeling tired, not recovering properly and our joints and tendons were always inflamed.
We were looking through our university notes and online studies at Google Scholarship, Examine, PubMed and others to find more about what were the main causes and solutions for this.
We quickly realised that there were many deficiencies in our diet and lifestyle that was very detrimental for our training and even for our health. So we quickly started to look into supplementing our routine with the most logical way:
  • Adapting some of our lifestyle habits
  • Updating our nutrition to the new studies and references to macro and micronutrients
  • Looking for supplements to complement our efforts.
We started to look into options in Europe but also other markets that are the at the frontline in performance and longevity treatments.
Quickly we realised that in Europe many company brands that were selling supplements that apparently they were providing the right ingredients and products and they were selling them using top athletes and catchy slogans.
But once you start looking into their formulas we always, and when I say always, means 100% of the brands we could search for at that time, found that their ingredients were either in very low quantities and/or they were using a very cheap and low absorption form.
"I clearly remember the day were discussing all other brands products and we we were pretty amazed of the amount of horse crap you could find in those products. I cant believe that there isn't a better alternative to this. People want to get better at training and live a better life for longer and there are ingredients out there that combined properly can optimise performance and health"
protein smoothieThat was the day GoPrimal was founded, we still didn't know, but we started to look into the science behind of the right ingredients and the right forms. We contacted hundreds of suppliers all around the world and soon we realised that the reason why all products were very low quality is because companies use their budgets on marketing strategies, sponsorships to endorse any kind of powder in a bottle with a nice slogan, instead of creating a product that actually provide a true and long term benefit, with proper medical documentation behind to support the formula.
What was the problem with that? that the cost price of producing this type of products was to high for these companies as they needed to still pay insane amount of money in marketing campaigns and sponsorship.
"I don't care how expensive this is product is to produce, but we are not changing a nanogram of its formula. We either do it right or we don't, we are going fu**ing primal with this". And like this, GoPrimal was created.

We are Powered by the Wild - GoPrimal, the supplement company rooted in science.

Finally we had our plan, we put some euros together, asked some more to our family and friends and start developing our web site, labels, formulas, packaging and gather as much scientific information as we could to support our formulas.
So this is how we design every single formula:
  1. Once we identify a potential upgrade in performance and longevity, we research for the ingredients that can solve this.
  2. We identify the optimal combination of ingredients on paper that can be synergistically mixed in a supplement form.
  3. Then is when the fun begins, we research and cross examine the most relevant clinical studies done about these ingredients. The word relevant is very important, as there are thousand of studies that don't meet the criteria we re looking for:
  • Statistic relevance of the sample population(number of subjects that participated in this study and took the named ingredient).
  • Use of the right ingredients quantities and forms(as an example, is not the same using ethyl ester formula than natural triglyceride when analysing Omega 3).
  • Substantial benefit or improvement of the subjects vs the ones who received a placebo(Marginal benefits are normally used for many companies as marketing tool, but its not relevant for us to guarantee a benefit).
  • Similar findings in other studies, with smaller sample population but more precise study diagnose.
The last part is how to commercialise a product that wont cost a fortune to people. Here is where the real challenge start, as we need to compete against monsters that offer pure placebo powder in a bottle at a ridiculously low price, but with amazing health claims based in absolutely nothing or maybe one tinny study with no relevance whatsoever(like anyone selling BCAAs) We are a pretty young company,with no investors that required margins, profits or growth, we work remotely in small offices, we dont have any fancy marketing budget or sponsor top athletes as this will diminish our power to provide the best products at the best price. We also use the cheapest recycled packaging and labels so we can spend as much as possible in the actual ingredients. We do not add any flavouring, artificials or bulking agent to mask or change flavours and smells, as this will also increase the cost.. We are Primal in everything we do, so we can be true to our core value: Rooted in science.

Because Performance and Nutrition can be optimised, for all of you who want to reach your full potential. GoPrimal is here to power your ambitions.

For all of those who think that good is not enough, for those who are looking for their greatness, GoPrimal has created a whole universe of knowledge and products to fuel your ambition for a healthier and stronger future. Today we are under constant stress and pressure for results and goals. Our lifestyle is very busy and sometimes even kaotic with very little time for maintaining an optimal health that will impact directly into our results, either at athletic performance or at our life as parents or in our professional careers. Our health is under constant threat, but our desire to improve and reach our goals is increasing. Finding the right support and advise is difficult as you are being bombarded by misinformation on the internet.
We work with the best coaches, gyms, shops, nutritionists and doctors that can provide an outstanding service to their clients, not just looking for a quick buck. In this way we make sure that our word is communicated in the best way possible, through extremely well educated professionals.
We never work with large distributors or discounted outlets that have all kind of products, selling them at any price. We rarely do discounts, as our products have the best price we can really provide. However sometimes we want to give back something to our community and offer a better deal to them, but GoPrimal do not discount their products in a regular base other than small gifts and benefits normally found in our social media.

Is GoPrimal for you?

No matter if you are a top athlete in pretty much any field or just someone who wants to be in good shape and always look good, GoPrimal provides that extra help to your daily routine. But remember, supplements are just that, a supplement to your healthy lifestyle. It does not make sense that eat every day highly processed food and then take some Omega 3 to reduce inflammation.

We only offer what is needed

Many brands offer +200 products, whey protein of all shapes and forms, Omega 3 with this and that, fut burners and many products that have absolutely no impact on your health or performance. GoPrimal only offer those products whose ingredients have been tested to provide an specific benefit to your health and performance, this is why we only have a few products in our portfolio, because most of the supplements out there provide zero benefit to you, but some of them are the holy grail of supplementation.

Our Customer Service is also, guess what.. Rooted in Science

Our team of specialist is the one who is attending your requests, we are never leaving this tasks to anyone who doesn't have a deep knowledge on nutrition, sport performance and the science around it. Either by mail, chat or tlf we are always advising our customers about their needs.

So Whats next?

Our development team is always researching for the best ingredients and formulations that can optimise different health and sport parameters: next in line is a brand new and unique plant protein powder with a complete amino acid profile, something not to common amongst all plant base protein powder. Our advise is always, follow our brand on IG and sign up for our newsletter, we provide constant information about nutrition for different sports, goal orientated nutrition and sports programs, so then you can decide by yourself if GoPrimal is for you. Adri F. Linares - @adorisan GoPrimal Founder adrian GoPrimal