Longevity. A function of Lifespan and Healthspan

Longevity = f (lifespan, healthspan).

Lifespan is pretty easy to define. It has to do with how long you live. Although it is immediately evident, healthspan is more difficult to quantify. Let's accept for the sake of simplicity that healthspan is a measure of how well, rather than how long, you live. Let's also agree that most people don't want one without the other—a long lifespan with bad healthspan or a short lifespan with rich healthspan. A challenging, nonlinear, multivariate optimization problem could emerge from this.

The figure below is from our office. We were explaining to some of our customers the connection between X and Y axis - Longevity and HealthSpan. The green line must be moved to the blue one, which is our aim. Live better and longer (more x-axis) (altered shape of decline curve).


Lifespan,is driven by how long one can postpone the start of atherosclerotic disease (CHD, CVA), cancer, and neurological illness, at least in the first order. Delay the onset of these, and you live longer. It is at least a probabilistic true.

In its purest form, healthspan is about extending the duration of three aspects of life:

BRAIN: How long can intellect be preserved in the brain (i.e., executive function, processing speed, short-term memory).

BODY: How long can you keep muscular mass, strength, functional movement, flexibility, and pain-freeness in your body, specifically.

SPIRIT: How strong is your social network?

The GoPrimal hack: Optimising your training for longevity.

  1. Stability – Daily training.
  2. Strength – 3 or more days a week.
  3. Aerobic Efficiency – 3 hours a week, split between 3-4 sessions
  4. Anaerobic Performance – 2times a week.



Healthy movement, sports performance, and injury prevention all depend on good stability.

It connects our upper and lower bodies and generally originates from our core (lumbopelvic area).

Enabling effective coordination and load transfer.

We have some good videos about  how NeuroAthletic training can help you on this.


It doesnt exist a one magical plan that fits to all, for example at the office we hex bar during his deadlift training rather than a straight bar to lower the risk of injury

Our preferred squat/deadlift sets are:

A comprehensive warm-up consisting of seven to ten sets with increasing weight and a main  set of five sets of five repetitions, followed by four sets of ten repetitions, and three sets of twenty repetitions.

Setting a "test" weight  and working to failure before lowering the weight. This is known as ascending sets of 5 reps till failure.
Then, reduce to a second, smaller "test" weight (we use 140kg for the deadlift and 100kg for the squat as examples) and repeat the exercise until failure.
Failure, happens when form falters rather than when you trip over the bar.
The objective is to raise the test set reps each week.

We have some education videos in our Social Media and Youtube on how to squat properly keeping a perfect form

Aerobic Performance and Anaerobic Efficiency

Training for aerobic efficiency is working out at a moderate speed so that the oxygen you are breathing can meet your body's energy needs.

Anaerobic exercise is when you exercise so quickly that your body can't keep up with the amount of oxygen you're using (and switches to its other 2 energy-producing techniques).

Our preferred workout types are EMOM, AMRAP and specially our favorite machines like Row, Bike, AB or SkiErg, as they offer very little impact and can be used at anytime.

When we train alone at the office or at home we find very practical to use EMOM type of workouts, as its an easy way to set a high intensity and not rely in your day motivation.

So an easy EMOM could be: 


10 cals (any machine) +6 air squats

12 cals (another machine) +8 air squats

14 cals (another machine or burpees) +10 air squats

You can modify the cals or squats according to your fitness level. We recommend to do a one minute test with moderate to high intensity to calculate if you can do an specific rep scheme. The Goal is to finish within 35-50secs each minute.

At GoPrimal we simply produce the most powerful supplements to fuel your progress. We don't promise unattainable goals, we are just here to support your fitness ride and help you to reach your full potential.

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