Protein supplements are normally misunderstood.

Protein supplements are so misunderstood. There are so many options on the market now.. From ‘Gainers’ to ‘Diet whey’ to ‘Protein blends’... etc etc. You might hear someone in the gym tell you that unless you are looking to bulk up, whey protein is a bad idea. Others might tell you that a protein supplement is a great low calorie choice that can help you lose body fat. The fact is, whey protein is a versatile tool that can help gain muscle and strength OR reduce body fat. Basically, if you want to bulk or you want to cut… whey protein can serve your needs. Here’s how to make it work for you no matter what your physique goals are.
matilde garnes
Matilde Garnes 
First off, what is the point of taking whey protein supplements? Studies show that protein intake is beneficial for preserving lean body mass in times of a caloric deficit, and is also necessary for muscle recovery and growth. When you go on a diet, the goal is to lose fat, not muscle, right? But if you take your calorie intake down, and don't keep your protein intake high enough, you run a higher risk of losing BOTH muscle and fat at the same time. When calories are reduced, as long as calories from PROTEIN remain high, muscle mass lost will be minimal. In a bulking period, adding a bit of body fat along with lean muscle mass is impossible. However, keeping protein intake high, and controlling macronutrient intake and food quality, you can easily get through a bulk without adding too much body fat. Along with the correct macronutrient and calorie intake and the right muscle stimulus (good luck gaining lean mass if you don't give your muscles the GROW signal through proper training!), a bulk can result in muscle gain with minimal body fat gain. Basically, No matter what the situation, protein is necessary in order to maintain a desirable level of strength AND physique. So how can you use the exact same product to get totally different results? Here are our best recommendations for how to use whey protein whether you are looking to bulk up or trim down without sacrificing muscle. Protein Shakes: On a cut: 100% Hydrolyzed whey protein blended with water/ice, frozen berries and spinach for a low calorie protein shake On a bulk: 100% Hydrolyzed whey protein blended with fruit, almond or peanut butter, avocado and milk for a high calorie shake High protein breakfast: On a cut: 100% Hydrolyzed whey protein mixed with nonfat Skyr, oats, chia seeds and cinnamon. On a bulk: 100% Hydrolyzed whey protein mixed with full fat yogurt, nuts, fruit and oats.
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High protein snacks: On a cut: 100% Hydrolyzed whey protein mixed with a little bit of water, spread on rice cakes. (add cinnamon to the Vanilla whey- its delicious!) OR try this recipe by Bite Size Pieces Nutrition: Oat Bars with Whey On a bulk: 100% Hydrolyzed whey protein mixed with peanut butter, a bit of water or milk, spread on rice cakes or a piece of toast OR the same recipe by Bite Size Pieces Nutrition… just in a larger portion size! These are just a few creative ideas for you to use whey protein to reach your body composition goals! Dieting or bulking can be tough, but with a few tips and tricks, you can easily achieve the look you want, without suffering through terrible diets and boring, repetitive meals! If you want to get a high quality cold pressed protein, 100% Hydrolyzed with no filling agents, check out our protein powder
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