REVOLUTION - Fitness Competition

The summer fitness festival is here - The coolest event of functional fitness in 2022

revolution fitness competition powered by GoPrimal

GoPrimal is proudly announcing the third edition of Revolution Fitness Competition - Powered by GoPrimal.

in 2022 Revolution Fitness Competition will take place in Arenys de Mar Bayfront with incredible events including water events, strongman and proper weightlifting events.

 Make sure you save the date in your calendar. 


How to participate at Revolution fitness competition

Go to Revolution Fitness Competition and sign up before all spots available are taken. 

Competition will consist on what phase, no online qualifier. The final phase will take place the 4-5th of June 2022 at Arenys de Mar Bayfront (Barcelona coast).

3 locations available where we will provide different types of tests:


Revolution Fitness Competition

Who can participate at Revolution Fitness Competition

We will be offering options for 3 type of athletes

  • RX

You can register at any of these categories and have a secured spot. Then only the ones that want to participate at the Elite division will have to do a qualifier to access to this category. 

How are we going to set the heats at Revolution Fitness Competition

We will announce an online level wods phase where all teams can do these tests in order to placed themselves at the right heat. 

If your team decides not to do the level wods, then you will be placed at the lowest heat. 

When can I registered at Revolution Fitness Competition

Go to Revolution Fitness Competition  web sign up and save your spot. 

If you are a GoPrimal friend you can pre registered to this event using this code and getting 10% discount: GOPRIMAL10

We are pre opening the registration to all of you, GoPrimal friends, so we make sure you can get your spot before anybody else. 

Revolution Fitness Competition sign up now or later

We have received a big amount of sign up requests for this event when we first launch it, as participation is based on registration order, it won't take long until all spots are taken.
So make sure you hurry up and book yours, this will be the 2022 event with one of the most amazing locations and many wods for all participants.

Why Revolution Fitness Competition is different

Our team have part of many competitions around the world and we have taken the best of each one of them and implementing it at Revolution Fitness Competition. 

You will find:

  • The best equipment
  • WODs that are not the usual you can do at your local box
  • Judges that are perfectly aware of the rules and have been gone through a great briefing. So there are no misunderstanding during WODs
  • Events will be perfectly designed so everyone will be challenged and will performance a decent amount o work. Including saturday and sunday.
  • Fun: the most important part is that we all have fun and we will remember Revolution Fitness Competition as the peak of our summer
  • Warm up and athlete control: For us the athlete is the number one priority, this means that a properly define warm area will be on placed at at any point the athletes will be instructed and listened.
  • Tough: We will take care of athletes, but the physical challenges will be also very present, so be ready, this is not going to be an easy competition.
  • Respect and Education: will be extended at any given time from the organization to the athletes and it will be required from athletes and attendees.

View launch video:

Revolution Fitness Competition