Top 6 High Protein Breakfasts That Will Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable

Top 6 High Protein Breakfasts That Will Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable

Looking for high-protein breakfast options that are safe for blood sugar patients? Then, read this post till the end!

Breakfast (1) is considered the most important meal of the day. Anything you have as your first meal after waking up affects your overall health. Most breakfast options are loaded with carbs that are harmful to someone having a high blood sugar problem. Carbs are sugars that go into your blood and spike your blood pressure. When you have abnormally high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease increases. To improve your overall health status, you keep a close check on your meals, especially breakfast.

If you have a protein-rich breakfast, you won't have to deal with high blood pressure. Another plus point of high protein meals is that you feel full for a long time. Continue reading to know the top 6 high-protein breakfasts to keep your blood sugar stable.

1.   Chocolate Protein Oatmeal

If you think it contains oats, which are rich in carbs, so it's not suitable for blood sugar patients, you're wrong. The carbs in oats are complex carbs that are broken slowly; hence the energy isn't released quickly. When food releases energy slowly, it won't spike blood pressure.

You can decide the flavor of chocolate protein oatmeal yourself. One of the popular flavors of chocolate protein oatmeal is made by adding banana. To make chocolate protein oatmeal, mix the protein powder with water to make a paste. Stir the mixture continuously to avoid it being powdery.

2.   Protein Pancakes

It's a quick recipe to fulfill your body's protein requirement without spending hours in the kitchen. All the ingredients will be already in your kitchen; you'll just have to blend them and makes your protein pancakes. While making pancakes, keep the heat medium and allow them to cook for a while. Then flip the side and cook the other side too.

Once your protein pancakes are ready, you can serve them with your favorite toppings. You can add raspberries, blackberries, etc., as toppings before serving as you're avoiding carbs.

3.   Protein Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are known as one of the world's best protein-rich foods. They are great sources of fiber and protein while having low carbs, which will keep your blood sugar stable. Protein chia pudding is a flavorful way to avoid carbs and get the required proteins.

You can further enhance the percentage of protein you'll get from this recipe by mixing protein powder. It contains plant-based milk, and strawberries, used as a topping, are free from carbs, making it safe and healthy for blood sugar patients (2).

4.   Baked Apple Oats

That famous phrase, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," isn't just a random quote. It's medically proven that apples are good for your health, perhaps the most fantastic fruit you can consume. Baked apple oats contain apples with oats (3) that are baked to make them look like a cake.

All other ingredients added to the baked apple oats are low in carbs and rich in protein, such as vanilla protein, almond milk, etc. No breakfast can be healthier than one that includes fruits and fiber-rich ingredients. Baked apple oats contain apples, which are one of the most nutritious fruits, and oats are a rich source of fiber.

5.   Greek Yogurt with Berries and Nuts

Greek yogurt isn't like normal yogurt. It's creamy, thick, and contains more protein than regular yogurt. If you don't like Greek yogurt, you can also use Icelandic skyr and kerned yogurt in this recipe as an alternative.

It's a healthy breakfast option that contains carbs, proteins, and fats in safe amounts for blood sugar patients. It's topped with berries and nuts, which include a small number of carbs and unsaturated fats, respectively. It’s a perfect combination of carbs, proteins, and fats as breakfast to keep you full and active all day.

6.   Overnight Oats

If you feel a bit lazy in the morning and find it hard to prepare some high-protein breakfast (4), you have found an escape. Overnight oats contain a base of oats, protein powder, almond milk, and Greek yogurt, all high protein ingredients. You can change the flavor as per your taste by adding your favorite low-carb fruits.

This simple recipe can be made by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and chilling overnight. You can also add chia seeds to it if you want to give it a thick texture. Remove it from the fridge in the morning, add your favorite topping, and enjoy your overnight oats.

Bottom Line

Here ends our list of the top 6 high-protein breakfasts that will keep your blood sugar stable. Choose any from the list and make sure you follow the exact recipes, or if you change any ingredient, check the nutrients it contains. If you mistakenly add any high-carb ingredient, you can't list these recipes as high protein and low carb breakfast options!