When Is the Best Time to Take Creatine?

When and Why we should all take creatine

Want to boost your workout strength with creatine supplementation? Before that, read this post to know the best time to take creatine!

Creatine is a popular supplement for workout and muscle recovery after hard exercises. Many studies have labelled it a safe supplement (1) for muscle mass and endurance. There is no doubt that creatine is an effective and safe supplement, especially for workout enthusiasts. But you should know the best time to take creatine to get maximum benefits. This article will provide you with all the information you need about taking creatine.

Best Time to Take Creatine


The best time to take creatine is shortly before and after exercise. It’s better to keep the gap between the creatine dose and exercise as short as possible.

A 10-week experiment (2) took two different groups, both taking creatine supplements. But one group consumed supplements in the morning and evening, not before and after exercise. The other group took dietary creatine supplements soon before and after their workout.

The result showed that muscle mass and strength (3) was better in the group that took creatine soon before and after the exercise. So, you'll get better results if you take creatine when you're just starting your exercise or ending it.

You can take the recommended creatine dose per day at once before or after exercise. Otherwise, you can divide the dose into two equal parts to take before and after exercise (4). This way, you can benefit from creatine than taking it randomly at any time of the day.

Workout Benefits of Taking Creatine


There are several benefits of adding creatine (5) to your diet. Some of these include:

1.    Provides More Energy and Endurance

Creatine works by increasing the amount of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), known as the cell's energy currency, in the body. Taking creatine supplements help store creatine (6) in the muscles, which increases endurance during a workout.

2.    Increases Performance, Lean Muscle Mass and Strength

By taking creatine supplements, you’ll have an increased performance (7), lean muscle mass and strength, as confirmed by many studies.

3.    Promotes Muscle Growth

Creatine promotes the synthesis of IGF-1 and HGH hormones (8) in the body involved in muscle growth and synthesis. Moreover, it promotes the hydration of cells, making the muscles look bigger.

4.    Improves Muscle Recovery

Creatine is excellent for treating post-workout soreness (9). It will help your muscles recover from the workout stress quicker.

Can You Take Creatine Supplements on Rest Days?


Yes, you can take creatine supplements on rest days, but it's not as important as supplementation on exercise days. When you're not working out, the purpose of creatine supplements is to maintain the elevated levels of creatine in your muscles. The daily maintenance dose is usually between 3-5 grams (10) and doesn’t negatively affect your body if you skip it.

Bottom Line


Creatine can show excellent results if you want to improve muscle mass, performance and strength. The best time to take creatine supplements is soon before and after exercise. It's better to supplement with a meal for better results and maximum benefits!


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