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We Fuel Your WOD

At Go Primal we have been part of this community since 2011. Developing only the best products for anyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle and improve their performance.

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We Fuel Your WOD

Effective and Fast Absorbing Carbs

Health and Immune System

Smart Recovery

Hydration You Can Feel

Why Go Primal?

We love the sport and training to get better at it, we understand the struggle we go through trying to progress every day.

This is why we only create products that will make be healthier and stronger, so you keep grinding at your best.

Each product is tested by professional athletes around the world before it goes out to the market.

We, like you, want to get better everyday.

Quality in Every Step of the Production


Third Party Tested

Free From Heavy Metals

Austrian Made

Tested by Hundreds of Athletes

Best Flavours

Gut Health

Pure Ingredients

Our Foundation

Die young as late as possible

Go Primal was born within the community, for the community, so we all can get better at what we love the most.

We provide the best-in-class supplements for human performance, rigorously researched and tested. Designed to provide the ultimate results by enhancing your physical and mental performance.

Why People Love Us

Carla B

At 77 Academy, we have been using Go Primal Protein and electrolytes in all our Endurance classes, everybody loves them.

John R.

100% recommend Go Primal Hydration line to everyone!! Why are we still drinking other products that are filled with sugar! Go Primal has all the goods and I love your drinks!

Eric C.

We have been using their products for years in our box and everybody is very happy with them. They also help us in all our events.

Lucia A.

Love to use their protein to make healthy recipes. All options are very clean and their flavours are the best that I ever tried.

Forever Getting Stronger

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