A Nutrition Plan Specialized for your Training

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Your Customised Nutrition Plan

Science based nutrition, based on your sport and your needs. Our nutritionists are specialized in different sports, adjusting your nutritional plan to your REAL needs.

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What is in this Plan for You

All in our app. You can measure your progress, based on your goals and current status.

Varied and personalized menus every 15 days, adapted to your goals and dietary preferences.

You will have a shopping list to make your menus with products from local markets.

More than 130 healthy recipes explained step by step and easy to cook. So you don't always eat the same thing.

Why Joining


If what you want is your diet to make you look good and improve your training

If you've already tried changing your physique with traditional methods, you may have realized that these approaches generally don't align with the specific needs of your sport. 

✅ You need an approach that deeply understands the demands of your sport. It's not just about losing fat or gaining muscle.

We believe in nutrition that also fuels your performance and improves your strength, energy and health in a comprehensive way.

The club is for you if...

You feel stuck.

A professional approach

look Good Naked

You want to enjoy food

Tested by Hundreds of Athletes

Delicious recipes

Gut Health


Who is behind

  • Alejandro Triviño has a Master's degree in Sports Nutrition with more than 10 years of experience.
  • One of the only Doctorates in Nutrition for CrossFit in Spain.
  • More than 800 athletes have passed through his hands to improve their physique and performance.
  • He is currently also the Official Sports Nutritionist of the Tenerife Football Club (Spanish 2nd Division)
  • Go Primal top athletes.

Why People Love Us

Carla B

She lost the fat and gained the strength necessary to continue enjoying his performance in Crosstraining 


«He went from 84kg to 77.50kg, with energy and improving his performance in training»


«He went from barely raising his RMs to improving his marks and feeling better as an athlete with a flexible and varied diet»


«She went from looking stagnant in her physical change to toning her body and losing fat without going hungry »

And you will get the best discounts at our products.

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