5 of the biggest fitness & nutrition myths debunked

Working out on empty stomach will increase fat burning

Nope, it won´t. After hours of sleep, your metabolism is pretty slow working! Make sure you have at least a quick power breakfast to start the metabolism engine again but also to have some fuel in the tank for the workout.

Creatine is bad for the kidneys

This is probably the biggest myth in whole supplement industry! Creatine is one of the most researched and safest supplements you can use, they even give it to people of all age to fight muscle wastage and there are multiple long-time studies showing that a normal supplementation with creatine is safe to use. Fun fact: the only reason for this bad reputation is one study from France long time ago, where one of the participants used to have a chronic kidney disease even before joining the study! Creatine can help your performance a lot – but not work miracles and heal chronic diseases.

Fat-burning only starts 30 minutes after training start

This is wrong as well – even in resting state our body uses fat for metabolism, not much, but some! Bottom line – if the body used all of the carbohydrates reserves, he starts using fat to create energy, and depending on intensity of our training and amount of carbs you had before working out, you will hit that point soon or late.

“You can sweat out a cold with sports”

That's probably the dumbest thing you can do – when feeling a bit sick, just take your time, relax, make sure your body gets all he needs to fight an upcoming cold, and a tough workout with a flue will just eliminate your immune system. If you don´t take that serious, in worst case you end up with cardiac arrhythmia or heart sac inflammation which will take you out of the game much longer than the 2-3 days you should have refrain from sports instead.

Running is bad for your joints

Well, that's just an excuse from people who don´t like to run including some people of the GoPrimal tribe ? The opposite is true (and we´re speaking about a nice hour of running and not an ultra-marathon) – running will make your joints even stronger but also initiates the production of synovial fluid and will also increase muscle and tissue growth which relieves your joints.