Customer review Vitamin D

Last week we got a lovely email from one of our resellers Next Level Human from the Netherlands. They told us about one of their customers who had amazing results with our Vitamin D supplement. Here is Henny’s story. Last winter I suddenly started to suffer several physical nuisances. I felt exhausted, was feeling depressed and had painful joints. The pain became so severe that writing became an ordeal. Even my eyes were giving me headaches, I had trouble focusing for longer periods of time. I take care of myself, I eat healthy food and exercise on a regular basis and I’d never experienced these kinds of symptoms before, so I was eager to find the cause to all of this. I first went to an optometrist to have my eyes checked but there was no change in my prescription. Then I tried to find the cause why I was feeling so tired all the time. It had been a busy time at work and I wasn’t sleeping well so I wasn’t waking up feeling completely refreshed in the morning but could this really be the cause for this feeling of exhaustion? I’ve experienced feeling depressed during winter time before but the feelings seemed to be more intense this time.

vitamin d3

 And if all these symptoms weren’t bad enough, there was this intense pain in the joints of my neck and hands. I decided to visit my physician and discuss these ailments with him. He sent me to a rheumatologist and he decided to conduct a blood test. The results of this test showed that I was suffering from a serious vitamin D deficiency. So we finally found the cause to all of my problems! I’d never thought that a vitamin deficiency could have such a big impact on my health. Now to find a solution.

My daughter Nicole told me that she was going to order the vitamin D pills from GoPrimal for me. GoPrimal uses gel tablets which are easy to swallow. I always have issues swallowing tablets but I have no issues swallowing these whatsoever. That makes taking them regularly a breeze. After having used the GoPrimal vitamin D pills for 4 weeks, I had my blood tested again and I visited the rheumatologist to discuss the results. He had very good news. The deficiency was gone. He was amazed that these supplements worked so quickly. All my issues disappeared within a month using the GoPrimal vitamin D pills. Thanks GoPrimal!