Resistance Training for Pregnant Women!

Resistance training is essential for pregnant women and it’s healthy for both mother and the baby. Keep reading to find out how!

There are various potential health advantages for pregnant women who exercise, including increased weight control, improved mood, and improved fitness levels. Regular exercise throughout pregnancy can also reduce the incidence of pregnancy-related illnesses such as pre-eclampsia and pregnancy-induced pressure (1).

Talk to your doctor or other healthcare experts before exercising while pregnant. You can’t do the same exercises during pregnancy that you used to do before. If you were not a fitness enthusiast before and are trying to do exercise during pregnancy to stay healthy, you might need to adjust your current fitness routine or find an appropriate new one. 

In this article, we will go over several critical aspects of keeping you healthy while pregnant with the help of resistance training. Let’s begin with understanding why a strong and healthy body is important during pregnancy. 

Importance of a Strong and Stable Body for Pregnant Women 

Strengthening your joints also implies they will become sturdy inside your body and far less subject to discomfort because of the alterations your body goes through during pregnancy. Difficulty in moving your body properly and back and hip discomfort are prevalent throughout pregnancy. 

When this is combined with increased weight and loosened ligaments and tendons, a weak body is likely to suffer. A stable, healthy and fit body will be beneficial during pregnancy, and resistance training is the best method to achieve this goal without harming your body and baby (2)

How Is Resistance Training Helpful for Pregnant Women? 

Resistance training is the most refined type of exercise for pregnancy. It’s a popular type of exercise that increases your muscle strength with the help of resistance from weights, rubber bands, weights and even your own body weight. Resistance training prepares your body for the complexities of pregnancy (3)

Another reason why resistance training is the best workout for pregnant women is easy customization according to your body type. For this, understand the problems you’re facing, or you might face during your pregnancy and then talk to your trainer for a customized workout routine. 

No other exercise will build your muscles strength and muscles quicker than resistance training, so it’s an excellent workout if you’re planning to have a baby or are already pregnant. When your muscles are strong and healthy, you’ll burn more calories, which will speed up your metabolism. With a fast metabolism, your body will not gain much of the extra pounds that are hard to lose after delivery. Hence, resistance training will also help you with your weight loss goals. 

Back and hip pain are common issues during pregnancy that almost every woman suffers. Resistance training will help you get rid of these issues by making your joints stable and strong. During pregnancy, your body releases the hormone relaxine, which can weaken your ligaments and tendons. To avoid this, you can pick some resistance training workouts to keep your body healthy and active throughout your pregnancy. 

Another benefit of resistance training during pregnancy is its safety factor. The exercises included in this training are controlled and slow, which reduce the risk of harming yourself or the baby. Popular exercises such as walking, running or swimming aren’t suitable for pregnancy, or they don’t provide sufficient benefits. 

For example, running and walking can easily cause swelling of the ankles and hurt your knees and feet. Swimming is safe, but it’s not considered very helpful during pregnancy. Only resistance training will provide maximum benefits without hurting your body, so you can enjoy more good with less impact on your body. 

How to Do Exercise During Pregnancy? 

If you plan to follow a healthy workout regime during your pregnancy, starting it before you conceive is recommended. When you’re pregnancy begins, shift the goals of your workout to achieve good strength and maintain it. 

As your pregnancy progresses, you have to change the exercises. Before pregnancy, all your focus should be on exercises that can make your hip muscles strong and deadlifts, lunges, and squats are particularly beneficial. As your belly starts to grow, it will become difficult for you to do lunges or other similar exercises. Therefore, you have to find some alternative exercises for strengthening your muscles while ensuring your and your baby’s safety. 

Bottom Line

Physical activity is suitable for both mom and baby during pregnancy. Including some exercise on most days of the week will help maintain your core strong, muscles healthy, and cardiovascular system in peak condition. It can also improve your emotional health as you feel good when your body is doing good. 

Respect your body and quit if you experience any pain or discomfort. Concern your doctor if you have questions about how your body reacts to a fitness regimen.