Sebastian Rieder Exercise Routines: CrossFit® Staff L4 Flowmaster.

Sebastian Rieder's exercise routines have got you sorted. He is the king of exercise and physical activities and believes proper exercise can boost your health and ensure longevity without medication. 

Exercise and physical activity are the golden elements leading to a healthy and long life span. If you are also a person who is passionate about adopting a healthy lifestyle but starts feeling exhausted even after 10 minutes of physical activity. In that case, chances are you might be doing it the wrong way.  

Let's dive deeply into the Sebastian Rieder exercise routines and take notes. 

How Does Exercise Improve Your Well-Being? 

Exercise is not only associated with the physical health of a person. People who exercise daily have a miraculous improvement in their mental well-being, which helps them live longer than others. Furthermore, it greatly enhances our concentration, mood, and cognition and prevents many life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes. (1)

Exercise is often mistaken as strenuous activities for long hours to stay healthy and strong. According to research, moderate physical activity for 2-2.5 hours is recommended for adults. On the other hand, 1-1.5 hours of strenuous exercise per week is also a great option to build healthy muscles and reduce extra fat. 

Sebastian Rieder Exercise Routines

The exercise routine composed by Sebastian Rieder is meticulously planned and smartly structured. The workout routine comprises four key elements designed to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. (2)

Here are the four pillars Sebastian Rieder's Exercise Routine: 

  • Stability - Daily training 
  • Strength - 3 days per week 
  • Aerobic efficiency - 3 to 4 sessions for 3 hours per week 
  • Anaerobic performance - 2 times per week 


Stability is the foundation of a workout routine that needs to be performed regularly. It is the keystone upon which your aerobic and anaerobic performance and strength rely. If you successfully attain good stability, working on the other elements becomes super easy. Moreover, it helps in the healthy movement of muscles, improves athletic performance, and reduces and alleviates injuries. 

Our lumbopelvic region acts as a pivot point that helps to connect our upper and lower body regions. Maintaining this posture assists our body in coordinating efficiently and distributing the load equally throughout our body. Performing this activity daily helps to strengthen your muscles and control by allowing you to use your inner muscles before moving. The focus is on breathing, stability, and coordinated and smooth movements. 


When it comes to developing muscular strength, Sebastian Rieder is obsessed with deadlifts and heavy squats. He trains deadlifts using hex bars rather than straight bars, which are more likely to cause injuries. Two of his favorite squat/deadlift sessions include: 

  1. A warm-up session is being done in 7-10 parts. The weight keeps on increasing with every segment. There is a main segment comprising 5 sets with 5 repetitions accompanied by 4 sets with 10 repetitions followed by 3 sets of 20 repetitions. 
  2. The second step is about achieving the milestone of 5 repetitions with increasing weight consistently until you cannot complete 5 reps. After the failure, shift to "test" weight while going to failure. Then drop the weight to a second "test" weight and keep repeating it until failure. The main goal is to increase muscle strength by increasing the number of repetitions. Sebastian Rieder believes that failure occurs when the form breaks, not when you fall under the bar.

Aerobic Efficiency

Aerobic exercise refers to doing a workout at a medium pace. It helps you to sustain the highest metabolic output while maintaining a constant flow of oxygen to your body. For instance, cycling, swimming, and simply walking. (3)

The main benefits of aerobic exercise include: 

  • Reduce the risk of heart diseases
  • Enhance lung efficiency 
  • Lowers blood pressure 
  • Maintain blood sugar levels 
  • Assist in retaining ideal weight 

Anaerobic Exercise 

Anaerobic exercises involve more intense physical activities to strengthen muscles without providing enough oxygen. For instance, when you perform strenuous exercises, your muscles don't have enough time to inhale and absorb sufficient oxygen. Sebastian Rieder primarily uses Wahoo Kickr to accomplish fitness goals. In addition to working on bikes, Rieder also recommends boot camp and Tabata-type workouts that take efficiency to another level. 

The benefits of anaerobic exercise include: 

  • Increase the endurance of your muscles 
  • Reduce unhealthy weight 
  • Strengthen bones and muscles 
  • Boosts metabolism 
  • Enhance lactic threshold levels 
  • Combat anxiety 
  • Protects joints 
  • Increase power 

These four pillars of exercise by Sebastian Rieder can provide mind-blowing benefits to your physical and mental well-being. Start with stability and then keep increasing the level to strenuous activities. Your muscles respond to consistency, however, if you don't stay consistent, your muscles will start losing their strength and will fatigue, and you would not like to go back to where you started, right? So, stay consistent and patient!


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