Say goodbye to muscle ache and boost your athletic performance

Are your muscles sore after hard workouts? Climbing upstairs or getting up from the toilet is – literally speaking – a pain in the ass for you? Well, we guess that you´re not getting enough magnesium, caused by the loss of minerals during training. Here are five reasons to supplement Magnesium and improve your performance: Benefit #1: Faster recovery Magnesium can contribute to a slowdown in accumulation of lactate in your muscles and prevents stiffness. Benefit #2: Ban muscle cramps Magnesium can contribute a ban in muscle cramps during workouts Benefit #3: Sleep like a puppy When working out hard, you require a lot from your muscles but also from your nervous system. Magnesium can calm down both which leads to a deep and recovering sleep. Benefit #4: Be more explosive Magnesium plays an important role for explosive movements, needed for Olympic lifts like Snatch or Clean&Jerk, but also for sports like basketball, football or volleyball. Benefit #5: Break down the ATP Magnesium activates enzymes which play a big role in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, which is THE energy supplier for all our cells! The more and the harder you workout, the faster our body burns the energy from breaking down ATP. Suffering from magnesium deficiency can result in low energy levels and muscular problems What’s the best magnesium form? As we all know, there are hundreds of magnesium supplements on the market – here are the do’s and dont’s! The quality of sources for magnesium is measured by their bio-availability (meaninghow much of the ingested amount of magnesium is actually absorbed by ourbody).Here are some examples for high quality forms of magnesium: magnesium taurinate, magnesium glycinate, magnesium malate and magnesium oratate. You should avoid magnesium oxide – it´s very cheap, but of an intake of 500 mg only 12 mg is actually absorbed. You would be better off eating chalk at the gym! About the author: Stefan is one of the GoPrimal founders and veterinarian