Have you ever wondered why we refine our Magnesium with Zinc? Here is why you shouldn´t refrain from zinc when it comes to performance, recovery and protection!

What is Zinc and where can it be found?

Zinc is an essential trace element, which is responsible for a large number of functions in the body – it helps stimulate the activities of around 100 different enzymes and is very important for regulating immune function, learning and memory, treating the common cold, wound-healing and fertility. Zinc can be found in a large number of foods – highest reported are: Per 100 grams:
  • Raw oysters ( 22 mg)
  • Beef ( 5.2 mg)
  • Beans (2.5 mg)
  • Crabs ( 2.2 mg)
  • Lobster ( 1.6 mg)
  • Lamb ( 3.7 mg)
  • Wild rice ( 1.6 mg)
  • Figs ( 0.9 mg)
When you exercise a lot, you will lose electrolytes but also minerals and traces – to restore the loss will be beneficial for your body´s recovery, performance and protection:

Performance – improve strength & lean muscle mass

The combination of Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6 improves strength and enhances lean muscle mass by increasing the level of testosterone and IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor 1). Zinc is also improving your insulin sensitivity, a decreased insulin sensitivity results in a decreased glucose uptake by your muscle cells – simple put: no energy, no party!

Recovery – boost your immune system

Zinc boosts your immune system which is very important for every sport-addict, since being sick with a viral infection leads to missed trainings session, which everyone tries to avoid. Zinc also aids cell regeneration to repair muscle tissue for optimum recovery


Zinc is a powerful anti-oxidant and aids in the reduction of free radicals, lowers inflammation and maintains normal heart health Recommended daily intake varies from county to country, but in case you work out a lot and the slogan “this isn´t sweat- it´s my body crying” is your maxim you should definitely give our Zinc:Magnesium:Vitamin B6 combo a try and you will benefit a lot, I´ll take a bet on it!