Vitamin B6- the mighty little helper

GoPrimal´s Magnesium:Zinc:Vitamin B6 is hell of a supplement - we already wrote in recent blogposts about the benefits of high quality Magnesium and Zinc, to complete the story about our multi-ingredient-product here is what you have to know about Vitamin B6! What is Vitamin B6 and where can it be found? Vitamin B6 is a key factor for our body´s own protein synthesis, which we need to gain muscle mass but also for neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline (“happy hormones”). Vitamin B6 can be found in a large number of foods as well – highest reported are: Per 100 grams:
  • Walnuts (0,80 mg)
  • Pork (0,60 mg)
  • Avocado (0,50 mg)
  • Coalfish (0,29 mg)
Performance – gain lean muscle mass For muscle mass production our body needs enough protein consumed by food but also enough Vitamin B6 – if there is not enough of it, the consumed protein cannot be processed properly, so if you´re working on muscle growth you have to make sure that your Vitamin B6 need is covered. Recovery – sweet dreams Recovery is something every ambitious athlete needs! When have you had your last sweet dream about reaching some goals or other wonderful things? A deficiency in Vitamin B6 can lead to dreamless sleep and is a good sign for it. Magnesium´s little helper: Are you having problems with absorption of Magnesium? Probably you are using a cheap Magnesium with low bioavailability like Magnesium Oxide or you are actually deficient in Vitamin B6! Studies have shown up to double the amount of Magnesium absorbed when intake is combined with Vitamin B6.