Caffeine and sport

Caffeine and sport Have you ever wondered why almost all pre-workout supplements contain caffeine? Or have you ever seen someone enjoying an espresso before training? Here´s why you should think about adding caffeine to your pre-workout routine! Caffeine is a performance-enhancing drug which is legal and cheap, chances are quite high that you are already enjoyed it today or right now while reading this blogpost. But how can caffeine enhance your performance? Here´s a breakdown! Caffeine and its effect on your body: Sometimes you might feel tired after a long day at work and you have to fight your inner dog to push yourself and start training! Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is the signal for our body to slow down other signals – in other words, it makes us sleepy! When adenosine is blocked, we don´t feel tired anymore and feel more concentrated and awake! By increasing the amount of calcium available to the muscles caffeine may have an effect on muscle contraction. - furthermore, recent studies indicate, that caffeine makes our body burn fat instead of glycogen which could be helpful for beach body season ;) pre workout Humping and pumpingWhat does science say? Caffeine and strength performance Research showed in a study that a dose of 5 mg/kg given to a group of male athlete a significant increase of repetitions to failure (leg press, chest press and Wingate test) Caffeine and endurance: Caffeine is beneficial to performance – in a study scientist reported that a moderate dose of caffeine (6mg/kg) resulted in the cyclists riding significantly farther during the hour-long time trial compared to the placebo group. Summarized – caffeine will help you to fight tiredness and may have an impact on your performance as well! When it comes to choosing a pre-workout drink you might combine the effects of caffeine and the stimulating impacts of a well-researched supplement like beta-alanine for best results - lots of pre-workout drinks have a confusing high number of shady ingredients with no scientific background and it´s hard to know if they have any kind of positive effect on your performance or just make your pee more expensive. Similar to our own products, we prefer clean products - if taste is superyummy we are even more happier -> you might check out the mouth-watering cold brewed coffee from BOOSTER and give it a try !!! About the author: Stefan is one of the GoPrimal founders and life science academic References: